How It Works

The Payday Loans Pro information form is fast, easy and totally secure. Apply online today and select your preferred amount and terms. You can get money in your account as soon as today!

3 Fast Steps to Get Your Cash

1. Apply Online

Fill out your online payday loan information form.

2. Get Approved

Several brief questions that can be done in 5 minutes.

3. Collect Your Cash

Get funds in your bank account as soon as today or the next business day.

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What Else Should You Know Before Applying?

With an online payday loan, you can get at least $100, and up to $1000, without having to leave the comfort of your own home. The only thing you have to do is fill out the inquiry form online and then wait a minute as our team matches you to an individual lender from our vast network of lenders. Even if you want a bad credit loan online, you may still be approved.

Once approved, you will be redirected to said lender’s page. This is where you will typically find the terms (including rates and fees) of the loan. If you accept these terms, you will then have the funds deposited to your bank.

Most lenders require the following 6 things for you to be approved:

  1. You should be employed at your present job for at least 90 days.
  2. You should be a US citizen, or a permanent resident over the age of 18.
  3. You should have an income of around $1,000 a month (or more) after tax deductions.
  4. You need a checking account in your name.
  5. You should provide functioning work and home phone numbers.
  6. You should provide a functioning email address.

Fast Inquiry Process

The lender you are matched with will receive your inquiry within seconds. That lender will then contact you in case any additional information is required.

Cash Sent Directly to You

After the lender has approved your application, the loan amount will be transferred to your checking account.

Private & Secure

We make use of the most secure and advanced encryption technology in order to protect your private data.

Automatic Repayments

The loan fees and the loan payments will be withdrawn automatically from your checking account when due, so you do not have to do anything regarding payments.

Late Payments

Many different cash advance lenders are a part of our network, so late payment policies can vary. It is up to you to read through and understand the lender's policies prior to signing your digital signature. State laws in some places will determine the late fees a lender can charge.

Loan Extensions

The state laws will determine if a lender can grant a rollover or an extension once the initial loan period ends. There are some states that allow many rollovers and there are some that forbid this practice all together.

If you are late with a payment, you permit the lender to charge late fees and make a request for immediate payment of the balance amount. If you default, you may be subjected to more fees as described in the your loan agreement. You should calculate your repayment before accepting the loan. Even though these loans are convenient, they can cause lots of distress if not repaid.

Note: Lenders belonging to Community Financial Services Association of America have been permitted to provide borrowers with an extended payment plan once every 12 months.

Loan Default

Lenders which are a part of’s network will pursue collections after the due date has passed to the fullest extent of the law. There will be criminal charges in addition to fees which could apply if the loan is not repaid.

However, if the lender is a part of CFSA, you’ll be saved being levied criminal charges on.

Just hit the ‘Apply Now’ button and find out how easy it can be!